Welcome to my Website where you are welcome to browse all of my Galleries and photos.



I have been a keen photographer since a very young age which turned into a serious hobby, followed by a passion and ultimately a profession. I have had the pleasure of photographing various subjects such as still life, sports, nature and even aerial photography from a hot air balloon!




Over the years I have built extensive knowledge of photography skills and techniques and also the correct use of lighting which can be so important in capturing beautiful creative and imaginative photos.



Within photography I have earned two formal qualifications; the first being a City and Guilds where I achieved a Distinction. As my photography love grew and became more of a profession; in February 2010 I sat and successfully achieved a Diploma of Photography through the Photography Institute.



My love of photography has given me years of joy and I love passing beautiful images onto people either through Weddings, Portraits or Event photography. I currently have 9 years experience in Wedding photography and Portrait photography and 7 years in Event photography.



My motto has always been that photography is so important because it captures memories that are otherwise forgotten. A great photo freezes a moment in time bringing back special times be it through a wedding or maybe a party or even an award ceremony, but always bringing back joy and happiness.  I pride myself in capturing those moments with beautiful and creative images that will be cherished and enjoyed for many years to come.



I am based in Luton Bedfordshire and would be happy to visit any venue for your very special occasion, no job being too small or big and I will adapt myself to your own personal requirements.



For more information regarding your photography wishes please feel free to contact me on 07595 881695. 



Have fun looking through my images and I would love to hear from you soon.



Best wishes



Kenny Durbin